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Time for preventative Pythium applications.

With the snow melting and mild weather on the way, it is time to start planning preventative Pythium applications.  Bentgrass is primarily infected with Pythium volutum while Poa annua is the target of Pythium torulosum but both of these organisms will come out of dormancy and begin to attack turf roots once the soil thaws and temperatures start climbing.  It’s very difficult to pick a day off the calendar to make these applications but I with current weather pattern and predicted temperatures, the first week of April looks like a good opportunity to start.  Keep in mind that any material needs to be watered in and highest available rates should be used.  The type of Pythium present will often determine the material to choose but Subdue does not generally work well for root Pythium and a second application will likely be required around the beginning of April.  Also, DO NOT make applications when rain is expected because precipitation can push the material past the root zone.

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