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Humidity Sucks

There is no better way to put it than to say that for bentgrass, humidity sucks.  Bentgrass declines rapidly when dew points reach 65-70°.   When air humidity is high for extended time periods, bentgrass stops moving water out of the soil.  The process of evapotranspiration stops and plants essentially stew in their own juices.  Roots suffocate and plants thin and die. Pocketed and shaded greens suffer first and suffer fast. Poa does fine.  It’s a weed and has no problem with saturation. That is its preferred condition and why most push-ups are Poa.  People often think that it is heat that kills bentgrass but this is not strictly true.  Shadow Creek in Las Vegas is a great example.  With bentgrass tees and greens, it performs flawlessly, even in 105° heat.  But as the saying goes “It’s a dry heat!”  Obviously, not all CBG varieties are suited to that level of heat but in general, wet soil and wet air kill bentgrass, not heat.  So punch some holes and pull out the fans.  And lets hope this is a short summer….

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Don’t forget wetting agent applications

Even though it is currently very humid in the Northeast, I am still seeing a lot of localized dry spot samples in the lab. Because of the wet spring, many courses decided to forgo traditional wetting agent programs. The result has been quickly developing LDS problems as soon as soils dry out.  It is not too late to put out your wetting agents but it may require more applications than normal for it to be effective and recovery from LDS may take longer than normal.  Some courses are seeing good wetting agent penetration down to an inch but the material stops and won’t move any further.  Additional water, wetting agent and venting are required in these cases, to push the material down.  Check your profile a day after wetting agent application to make sure it is working properly.

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