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DO NOT send samples via USPS Express Mail.

Today I discovered another reason why the United States Postal Service is going bankrupt.  When mail comes to URI, it comes from the USPS Wakefield Distribution Center to URI Central Receiving.  No mail is delivered by the USPS directly to URI offices.  The bulk delivery happens once a day, sometime before 10 am.  This is the ONLY time USPS will deliver anything to URI.  What this means is that if your “Express Mail Before 3 pm” package arrives at the USPS Wakefield Distribution Center at noon, USPS WILL NOT deliver it to URI.  They only make one run a day.  Period. Even if you spent $50 for 1-day delivery you delivery will have to wait until the next morning.  And you know what is even worse?  They scan the package “Delivery Attempted, Office Closed”.  I was told by a USPS employee at another post office that they do this intentionally because if they did not, it would be considered a failed delivery and you could get your money refunded.  So in effect, USPS will not deliver the package if it arrives late but will not refund your money even though it is through their own sloth that the package will not be delivered.  Just in case you were wondering, URI is ten minutes from the Wakefield Distribution Center.   So please use FedEx or UPS.  Those packages come straight to the lab.

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