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May 2013, Week 4 Update

On about April 12th, it stopped raining.  Most places in New England went  20+ days without any rain.  After that, the humidity plummeted to zero and it stayed cool.  As a result, most of the samples I saw during that period were LDS.  But it started raining on May 9th and has continued to do so, on and off, for the past 10-14 days.  During the last two weeks, frost has continued to be  a localized problem and many of the samples received in that period had turned purpled from cold shock or frost injury. Drought stress exacerbated the frost injury.  Finally, Proxy applied in the cold will cause a lot of purpling and plenty of folks did apply Proxy, no one expecting frost on May 14th.

However, in the past week basal rot anthracnose has popped up in PA and MASS and red leaf spot has also started to move, thanks to all that cold rain.  Despite the fact that there was snow in Vermont 3 days ago, the good news is that the next 4 days will be 90 degrees and extremely humid!   I guess it’s time to keep your eyes out for Pythium blight.

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