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A Bizarre Week for Turf Disease

Last week, I received three samples loaded with bacterial wilt of Poa. Plants were incredibly etiolated and cut leaves were streaming like crazy (2 from Boston, one from Long Island). In addition, I also received two samples that were full of foliar Pythium (one from Boston, one from Long Island- different courses than the bacterial wilt). It was not taking out huge chunks of turf but had done permanent damage where it was present. I think this may be one of those spring/fall Pythium blight varieties but I’m not sure. Both samples were full of oospores and zoospores and the superinendents had good chemical coverage- except for Pythium fungicides. Finally, my last sample for Friday was of pink snow mold/Fusarium Patch. This one came from just north of Providence. I also got some bermudagrass in from Florida, bermudgrass decline appeared to be the problem but that should not affect anyone in New England!

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